MUT Coins are the main and one of the most important currencies in the game. Without coins you cannot improve your team, buy new players, locker room item etc. There are a few good ways to get lots of coins fast in Madden NFL 18. One of them requires a bit of real life money. Some require a lot (and we mean a lot) of time. Grinding coins is not easy, but can be fun. And you will improve your team for sure. Below you find tips and tricks to farm MUT coins in NFL 18 fast.

Just play the game

Okay, we know that this is not the tip you want to hear… but by just playing the game you will get a lot of coins quick. You should play different options in the game to maximize your coin gaining. Also play the weekend league every time it is available. The top prizes go as far as 250.000 coins sometimes. For just completing and participating you can get 3000 coins, without any hassle. Try not to extend the game and go ‘showboating’ when you are ahead. Finish the game, get the coins and move on to the next. Do not waste much time in a game.

Solo challenges

The best way to farm coins is to do the solo challenges. These ones won’t take much of your time but give a good reward. Take a good look at all the challenges that are available at a certain time. Try to do the ones that are easy and the least time consuming. Once you have gathered a few thousand coins you can try to become a successful trader and work the auction house.

The auction house in NFL 18

If you want to gain lots of coins in MUT, you should become a master in the Auction House. By trading players you can get a good profit fast. You should make a full study out of this. Write the prices for players down and see if you can get them for less. You got to have a lot of patience, but If you buy low and sell high, you will get coins fast.

Buying coins

Or… just spend a few bucks and buy cheap MUT coins online. If you checkout our homepage you can see vendors that are reliable and risk-free. You can have millions of MUT coins within a few minutes.

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