Like in real life, you can train your players. This is a vital function in the game that some other games are lacking. In real life players are getting drilled almost every day to become better. They have to practice plays, drills and other important parts in Football day after day. You can drill your players to and you will see the results on the field. How does this work in Madden NFL 18?

Train players screen

In the game it does not require that much blood, sweat and tears from you to train. You can go to the Train Players screen in the game and you will see a full list of all you trainable player. It will also show if a player is currently in any line-up. It depends on the player how much you can train him. Some players can be trained 10 levels, some 20, etc.

Select a player and play!

To train a player, you can simply select the player you want to train. You can choose different trainings and you can see what effect it will have on his rating. The training will cost you coins. For example a simple training can cost you up to 500 coins. You can review the rating that your player will have after the training by going right with your controller stick.

Level caps

Not all players have the same level cap. It all depends on the player. However most base items have a 20 level cap. Some items will give more levels, some less. If you check the item, you can see what the level cap is.

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