Some experts say the Madden NFL 18 edition is the best Madden game of all time. The edition with the greatest improvements in the history of the Madden NFL game. They would talk about the great improvements in details and dramatically improvements in the graphics. But the greatest new improvement is the new story mode in the Madden game.

The NFL 18 story mode

Madden NFL is the second EA sports game who has a story mode. Previous year FIFA 17 got a whole new story mode called the Journey. People were very enthusiastic about this improvement. This year FIFA 18 has got a sequel on the Journey, named the Journey Hunter returns. And Madden NFL is the first EA sports game who follows the FIFA 18 game with the new story mode. In this story mode you are following a talented player from High School till he becomes a professional player.

More about the story mode

You will play a character and follow him growing from talent to legend. The name of the boy you will follow is Devin Wade. Devin is a former five-star quarterback, you follow him three years after his success at High-School. He takes one last shot to hear his name on NFL draft day and tries to pursue his dreams.

In the story mode there is a whole cast with other important people in the life of Devin Wade. This cast contains Cutter Wade, an athlete who was once great, who dedicated his life to Devin Wade and their shared football passion. Colt Cruise, one of the best friends of Devin Wade, who cares about Devin’s career as much as he cares about his own. And last but not least, Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time who tries to help Devin Wade with his career.

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