For season 4 of Madden NFL Mobile, EA made a lot of good and fun changes. One of them are the locker items. EA calls this the Locker Room. They made a special screen for this items where you can see what items you have and how many slots you have available. Locker room items will give your team a boost. It depends on the item you put in the slot what boost your team will have. There are a lot of good and premium items available that will really boost your gameplay tremendously.

A short guide

When you enter the brand new Locker Room screen, you will see two slots for items and one slot for coaching. As always with freemium games, you can buy more slots with Madden Cash. If you want to spend money on the game, it is advised you do it in the locker room. For anything else you can buy cheap Madden Mobile coins online.

Coaches and Locker Items

The coaches items can boost your team in certain situations. For example the Gold Mike McCarthy item improves the performance in short passing. Your team will have improved stats for passing and rush. You have to try out the different items to see for yourself what locker room item is best for your team or formation at the moment. You can also train your coach.

Boost your game

There are also locker room items that will boost your game. One item is available that reduces the EA tax in the auction house by 1%. Also there are items that will give you higher rewards. Items are very useful if you play the game a lot and can improve your game and gameplay if you’d like. We like this new season 4 feature a lot.

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